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2020-2021 Registration Form

Welcome to the 2020-21 season of Vandegrift Swim & Dive. Please take the time to carefully work through this registration process.

Your swimmer's registration fee includes snacks/drinks/most meals at swim meets, team shirts, team hoodie, bag tag and caps. In addition to the swimmer registration fee, you will have the opportunity to join the booster club and purchase the team suit and uniform.

To recap, the registration form covers the following items:

  • Athlete Registration (required for all swimmers, divers, and team managers)
  • Team Uniform Order (required for all swimmers & divers - managers must order the warmup jacket & pants)
  • Booster Club Membership (access to parent directory, board vote, etc.)

Thank you ~ VHS Swim and Dive Booster Board

Parent/Guardian Information

At least one parent/guardian registration is required.
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Please indicate which parents will be volunteering this season. At least one parent/guardian is required to volunteer.

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Athlete Information

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USA Swimmer ID#

Please provide your athlete's USA Swimmer ID# (The first 6 digits are the swimmers birth date: mm/dd/yy; the next three letters are the first three letters of athletes legal first name; the next letter is the middle initial, followed by the first four letters of the swimmers last name)

Athlete T-Shirt Size

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Athlete Hoodie Size

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As our organization grows and we continue to expand our programs, we seek to establish or clarify our policies to guide the organization and ensure continued success for years to come.

The Vandegrift Aquatics Program is fortunate to have dedicated, caring, experienced coaches working to develop our youth into better athletes, and more importantly, disciplined people. As parents, it is absolutely essential that we give our coaching staff the respect and authority they deserve to run our team.

The Vandegrift Vipers Aquatics Division is an organization that highly encourages the following support from parents:

  • Offering open, honest, positive communication between parents, athletes and coaches emphasizing goal-setting and focusing on the performance expectations of both the athlete and the parents.
  • Offering positive, encouraging and calm reinforcement to all athletes in all situations to promote a strong sense of team.
  • Volunteering time, talent and/or treasure in support of our team.

As a parent of a Vandegrift Aquatics athlete, I will:

  • Model teamwork and extend professional courtesy with all parents, athletes and coaches by supporting the values of mutual respect, kindness, commitment, dedication, focus, hard work and team spirit.
  • Abstain from coaching, criticizing or instructing the team or any athlete at a practice or at meets (from the stands or other areas), or interfere with coaches on the pool deck.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship by conducting myself in a manner that earns the respect of my athlete, other athletes, parents, officials and coaches at meets and practices. I understand that as a parent of a student-athlete, I also represent Vandegrift High School and will do so in a positive manner.
  • Support athletes, coaches and other parents with positive communications and actions.
  • Understand that the coach makes decisions based on a number of factors, not simply based on the singular needs of my child.
  • Direct questions or concerns regarding officiating decisions at meets to a member of our coaching staff.
  • Understand that our coaches are also teachers. I will respect boundaries in terms of their available time and will remain sensitive of the demands of this dual role.
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My athlete has my permission to drive to and from practice every day.

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance:

My athlete has my permission to ride to and from practice with any swimmer that is legally allowed to drive them.

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance:

My athlete has my permission to participate in the Vandegrift High School Homecoming Parade (including riding on floats, open trailers and other non-traditional transportation modes common in a parade) on TBD.

Student agrees to abide by the LISD Student Code of Conduct and direction of the volunteer sponsors during this activity.

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *

As part of the Vandegrift Swim & Dive booster club communication process, the booster club maintains a web site, Facebook & Instagram accounts and periodically provides information & photos to news organizations. This form documents swimmer information handled. 

  1. I hereby authorize the use of still photographs and video taken at swim meets or other swim team functions. I recognize these photos may be posted on the team website, Facebook, or other social media outlet or used by news media in covering swimming events. 
  2. I understand that no personal demographic information will be posted on the team web site in conjunction with these photos/videos. 
  3. I hereby grant permission to post swimming-related statistics and information on the team website, team social media accounts, the team newsletter, and/or to provide this information to the news media. 
  4. I understand that neither my swimmer nor I will receive payment or other compensation for the use of such photos, videos, or statistics.
  5. I release Vandegrift Swim & Dive booster club from any and all liability in connection with the above said uses and purposes.
Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *

Booster club membership provides access to a team directory. You never know when you need to contact a parent. I authorize the Vandegrift Swim & Dive booster club to use our contact information in a team directory. The directory is only made available to booster members.

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *