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    Frequently Asked Questions

    New to VHS Swim and Dive? Welcome to the VHS Swim and Dive Booster Club.

    Have a question? Refer to the FAQs below. If you don't find your question, please contact a board member.

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    1) What is the role of the VHS Swim and Dive Booster Club?

    The booster club supports the VHS Swim and Dive team (coaches and athletes). This website is managed by the booster club.

    2) What is the purpose of booster club membership?

    Parents of our athletes are encouraged to join the booster club. Booster club membership is a form of fundraising. Funds go towards additional costs. Booster club membership allows access to the Members Only section of our website. There are different levels of booster club membership.

    3) How do high school swim meets differ from club meets?

    The team may be limited in the number of entries per event. Swimmers may be limited in the number of events they can swim. Relays are big points. High school swim meets are more fun and exciting! Parents and swimmers are invested in ALL of the athletes. The events are louder. Get ready to cheer! Here are a few other differences:

    • Athletes travel as a team to/from events.
    • Parents do not make hotel and meal reservations for their athlete. The booster club will work with the coaches to handle this.
    • Athletes will not stay with parents at out of town meets. Athletes stay with the team in the designated team hotel.

    4) What fees and expenses are required of the athlete?

    Each athlete has an athlete fee and team uniform costs.

    • The athlete fee covers meet meals (breakfast, lunch, and snacks), team t-shirts, and meet caps for the athlete during the season. The athlete fee is spent on the swimmer.
    • Each athlete is required to purchase a team uniform (swim suit and warm-ups).
    • Dinners at swim meets are not covered. Depending on the timing of the swim meets, the team may not need to stop for dinner.

    5) What is the Black and Silver meet?

    The Black and Silver meet is the first swim meet of the school year. It is a fun event where the team captains pick the teams and swimmers' races. There is a belly flop contest. It is an opportunity for the parents to meet each other. Bring your lawn chairs and sit on the grass area by lane 1. The swimmers usually plan a team lunch afterwards. The parents have their own social after the meet as well. 

    6) What is the Viper 10k?

    The Viper 10k is the equivalent of a skip-a-thon, jump-rope-a-thon, etc., except the team swims 10000 yards. It is a fundraiser, and each team member is encouraged to achieve a set goal. It is an opportunity for the team to introduce the community to the high school swim team.

    7) Can we travel over Thanksgiving and Christmas?

    There is practice during the holidays.  During the winter break, there is a practice at the beginning as well. If you will miss a holiday practice, please talk to the coach. Check the calendar for the schedule.

    8) What are the team dinners?

    The team dinners provide opportunities for the coaches and swimmers to socialize while enjoying their favorite past time: EATING. Parents sign-up to prepare dishes and help with the dinners. The dinners are hosted at a team member's home.

    9) How is the high school swimming and diving team different from other high school sports teams?

    • Season: The season is almost a full year. It starts at the beginning of school and ends in February. After the season, team members can play water polo or participate in scheduled workouts.
    • Facilities: The swim team does not have a facility on site at VHS. The team practices at the Bella Mar Lap Pool. Divers must find a separate facility for practice.
    • Practice: The district policy allows for flex days. The coach will explain this.
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